Should you install a combi boiler?

Should you install a combi boiler? Here is what you need to know . . . .

So, what exactly is a combi boiler I hear you ask?

Well, a combi boiler (which is short for combination boiler) combines a water heating system and a central heating boiler into one unit. It therefore handles heating and hot water without needing a separate hot water cylinder located elsewhere in your home meaning it will take up less space.

According to, ‘There are certain features you should look out for when shopping for combi boilers, including: Energy Efficiency; Power Outage; Size; Energy Efficiency. Combi boilers are given a grade based on how energy-efficient they are, with an A rating being the highest. This is a good thing to consider because it will determine how expensive the boiler will be to run.’ Additionally, you should consider the water demand for your household as while combi boilers are highly efficient and will save space, they do not provide as much hot water as a heat only boiler used in conjunction with a hot water cylinder.

Also, if you want to buy a great combi boiler, you will need to make sure it is the correct size for your home, and from a reliable brand, which is where Warmflow comes in.

The Warmflow Agentis external combi is the UK & Ireland’s only AA rated oil boiler saving homeowners up to 5ltrs of fuel per weeks compared to other leading combi oil boiler brands.

The Warmflow Agentis combi boiler also comes with a number of boiler protecting features which are not available in other brands and is easy to install which will make your engineers life a little easier as well.

That’s why they’ve been rated excellent on Trustpilot for the second year in a row!

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