Warmflow, where innovation flows

Innovation has been at the heart of Warmflow since the company first opened its doors away back in 1970. Fresh thinking and creativity work have led to increased efficiency and reliability, an approach that has helped build Warmflow’s reputation as one of the UK and Ireland’s most pioneering and trusted manufacturers of home heating appliances.


Warmflow’s research and development team is behind the company’s constant flow of innovative appliances. The team is passionate about creating products and processes that improve efficiency, whether that means reducing energy consumption, shrinking emissions, lowering household expenditure, lessening the amount of time it takes to manufacture, or the time it takes to install.


Responding to the global need to reduce fossil fuel consumption and explore new, greener ways to create energy, the Warmflow R & D team have developed the highly innovative Zeno renewables range of appliances. Zeno by Warmflow’s is a range of highly efficient renewable home heating appliances which includes a biomass boiler and air and ground source heat pumps. Named after the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of Citium, who said that happiness is a ‘flow of life’ lived in accordance with reason and in harmony with nature, these alternative “green” heating solutions meet the growing demand for energy sources that protect the planet and help reduce fuel bills.


Agentis is the next generation of oil boilers. This range of super-efficient internal and external household oil boilers comes with Warmflow’s patented high-efficiency stainless steel heat exchanger tech and a number of additional features and accessories designed to save both time and money. Agentis boilers have scored some of the best efficiency ratings in the market and the range includes the UK and Ireland’s only AAA-rated oil boiler, which offers an average saving of 5 litres of fuel per week compared to other brands.

Warmflow Professional

The innovative Warmflow Professional range makes for a much more efficient installation. In fact, it saves installers an average of two hours. Each boiler comes with £250 worth of factory-fitted accessories including an ADEY magnetic filter, two bottles of inhibitor, a Teddington fire valve, a Crosland oil line installation kit, a Grundfos UPM3 Flex AS Pump and an improved condensate installation kit. An extended warranty provides installers and householders with peace of mind knowing their appliance is in good hands.

Innovation at work

Warmflow are constantly reviewing and redeveloping internal processes and our equipment in an effort to help save our customers time, energy and money. Our latest investments include CNC high-definition plasma cutting, robotic welding and panel folding technology, all of which are market leading. The latest CAD, CAM and sheet metal software operates on an integrated computer network, which helps increase production capacity and improve quality at the same time.

Future focus

The R&D team at Warmflow are always hard at work developing innovative new products, packages and processes. Predicting the trends, staying abreast of new technology and thinking creatively means they’ll continue to create inspired solutions that save time and money for installers and householders, and care for the environment, long into the future.

Find out more about Warmflow’s innovative ranges at www.warmflow.co.uk.