Air Heaters

The autonomous Warmflow air heater is suitable for heating spaces in industrial and commercial premises.

With automatic operation, these heaters are designed to operate autonomously and can be modified for use with ducted hot air systems.

Why Warmflow Air Heaters?

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Robust fuel options

Designed to burn class 2 kerosene or class D diesel.

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Excellent ventaltion

Indirect combustion, with the products of combustion, is released into the atmosphere through the combustion pipe.

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Safety in mind

The external panels are made of double jacket, which guarantees low surface temperatures.

Environmentally friendly
Service friendly design

Easy access to the combustion chamber door.

Air heater stats

Model WAH11 WAH23 WAH56
Model WAH11 WAH23 WAH56
Heat output (kw)44.0 87.9 175.8
Heat output (btu) 150,000 300,000 600,000
Burner model RDB2 G10 G20S
Tube Diameter (mm) 127 152 203
Duct Diameter (inches) 5 6 8
Number of pivots 2 2 4
1 - 3 phase inverter 1 1 0
Fan speed (rpm) 665 900 925
1500rpm motor fan (kw) 0.37 3ph 1.1 3ph 2.2 3ph
Current flow 1.8 5.2 5.6
Fuse classification by phase (amps) 5 8 16
Approximate Weight (kg) 195 360 680

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