Zeno Air Source Heat Pumps

Our range of uniquely designed air source heat pumps harnesses natural heat energy from the air by blowing it through a highly finned evaporator coil.

Using a low noise, high efficiency Panasonic rotary compressor at the heart of the system to reduce energy usage, Warmflow Zeno air source heat pumps are available in 3 outputs from 8kW to 20kW, all work off single phase electricity and are compatible with our range of specially designed Nero heat pump cylinders.

Why Air Source?

Cheapest form of home heating

Our Air Source has a high efficiency of up to 555%. A heat pump can keep your home at a constant ambient temperature 24/7 for less cost due to lower flow temperatures.

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low maintenance

A yearly system check is recommended by your installer or qualified person. This will involve cleaning filters and checking system pressures to ensure the optimum performance of your heatpump.

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One energy bill

Just one electric bill for the whole dwelling, which includes lighting, appliances, heating and hot water

Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

No harmful emissions to the environment

60°c hot water

Quiet operation
Quiet operation

When running, the heat pump has a sound operation of 54dBa at 1m.

Multiple outputs
Multi output

Available in 3 outputs from 8 - 20kW using a variable speed-inverter driven Panasonic compressor.

Key Features

  • Variable speed-inverter driven compressor Low noise, high efficiency Panasonic rotary compressor; the heart of the system.

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface Covering all aspects of heat pump and system control; the brain of the system.

  • Variable speed, high efficiency pump Fully integrated, variable speed, high efficiency pump for the heating circuit modulates flow to match heating demand and overcome hydraulic resistance whilst maintaining peak efficiency.

  • Filters and flexi hoses as standard.

  • Electronic controlled expansion valves Optimising system efficiency by allowing the heat pump to run at a range of flow temperatures and capacities.

  • High Flow heat exchangers with large surface area Maximising the heat supplied to the property whilst maintaining high flow rates for efficient operation.

  • Designed to run from a standard single-phase domestic electricity supply.

  • Flow temperature up to 60ºC means domestic hot water (DHW) can be produced without the need for additional heat sources.

Air source heat pump stats

As01 table As02 table As03 table
Model AS01 AS02 AS03
Model AS01 AS02 AS03
Output 2~8kW 3~12kW 5~20kW
Width (mm) 1002 955 1000
Depth (mm) 490 460 440
Height (mm) 805 915 1315
Weight (kg) 90 108 157
Electrical Supply 230V Single Phase@50Hz 230V single phase@50Hz 230V single phase@50Hz
Nominal sound level (dBA) 37.54 42.55 44.58
SCOP @35 4.55 4.02 4.06
SCOP@55 3.20 3.23 3.23

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