Warmflow Customer Spotlight - Garry Boilerman

In this month's customer spotlight we had a chat with Garry Witherington a.k.a. Garry Boilerman about his experience as a Warmflow customer. Here's what he said . .

1. Tell us about your business and what type of work you do?

I’ve specialised in the installation, maintenance and servicing of oil boilers for over 20 years, covering a large area predominantly around Lincoln, Grantham and Newark. From Day 1 I wanted to ensure that the installation of a new boiler was just the start of the relationship with my customers so annual servicing and on-going maintenance also forms a major part of my work.

2. Have you joined the Warmflow connect scheme and what do you think of it?

I joined Warmflow’s Connect scheme when it was launched in 2019. The great thing about Connect is that enables me to offer my customers an enhanced warranty on all installations from 2 to 5 years, completely free of charge. It also rewards my loyalty to Warmflow as every installation allows me to earn points that I can then use to claim items such as workwear and power tools.

3.What do you think is our best product?

In all the years I’ve been installing Warmflow boilers, the most significant change I’ve seen was the introduction of the new Agentis combi in 2019 - a real game changer. Redesigned from the ground up with a range of new features and safeguards, the Agentis Combi offers 24 ltr expansion (previously 12 ltr) and factory fitted pressure reducing valve and shock arrestor in addition to number of other improvements and enhancements. In my view, the best combi available in the market.

To find out more about Garry Boilerman check out his website at https://garryboilerman.co.uk/<...

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