Tips to help you save cash this heating season!

When is the best time to buy heating oil?

As we move into Autumn it's time to start thinking about filling up the tank but when is the best time to buy heating oil?

The price you pay for your oil is directly influenced by the wholesale price suppliers pay, which fluctuates on a daily basis. Therefore, timing is everything!

Right now prices are very cheap as a result of falling oil prices across the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but as a general rule here are a few tips:

- Summer is often the best time to buy. Low demand drives prices down. December is often the most expensive month, so it may be best to buy soon before the weather gets cold!

- Its also important not to leave buying oil to the last minute. Emergency deliveries can cost about 10% more. Plan ahead and get quotes with a few weeks to spare, to give yourself the most flexibility and best prices. And remember, if you are ordering during a cold snap like many others, it can take longer for delivery too.

- Get into a routine of checking your oil level, so you can judge when to order – most tanks come with a basic gauge – or have a dipstick handy.

- If you want to really be super savvy you should monitor prices using online comparison sites such as Boilerjuice or Money Saving Expert, and time your buying for when prices are dipping!

- You could save up to five litres of fuel per week which is a huge saving on your annual heating bill by installing a Warmflow boiler. Check out our range of energy efficient boilers to suit all your needs or call us on 028 9262 1515 today!

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