Time to spring clean your boiler? Here’s how.

Time to spring clean your boiler? Here’s how.

Spring is here! And that annual spring clean is just around the corner. But will it include your heating system? If your boiler has gotten through winter, then now is the perfect time to give it a once over and keep it well-maintained through the milder months.

By cleaning your heating system, you will give it a longer life, increase energy efficiency and financial savings, and ensure its optimal performance.

Here are some top tips to help.

1. Turn Down the temperature or adjust your timers

First things first, with the temperatures rising and sunlight playing a role in heating up our rooms, you can turn down your thermostat or run your heating for a shorter time. Even if it is just turned down by 1 degree, you will not notice the difference in your home, but your energy bills will reduce.

2. Check your radiators

Your boiler is not the only part of your heating system that needs some attention during spring, you should also check your radiators. You could start by cleaning off any dust, then turn off any radiators in rooms that are not used regularly. Check the temperature on each, it is likely still up high from winter. And then check for cold spots. If your radiators are warm at the top and cold at the bottom you may need to bleed them.

3. Book a service

All boilers need serviced annually to ensure that they are safe, running efficiently, warranties remain valid and are not likely to break down when you need them most.

As winter is when we work our boilers the hardest, spring is a great time to look for signs of wear and tear during a service. It is also one of the most effective ways to reduce energy usage and increase the life of your heating system. And make sure you use a registered engineer.

4. Check Fuel levels

Did you know that spring/summer is the best time to buy heating oil? As demand is lower during these months, you can often save quite a bit if you fill up your tank now. Or if your boiler uses another type of fuel like wood pellets, make sure you have enough, these could be depleted after such a cold January and February.

Considering a Boiler Upgrade?

Spring and Summer are a great time of year to replace your boiler. In general, it is a much quieter time to book an engineer, and you will also be able to cope better without any heating whilst it is being fitted. Head to our website www.warmflow.co.uk for info on our boiler ranges, give us a call on 02892 621515 or send us a DM on social media so we can help you get the right product for your home.

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