HVO – Liquid fuel for the future

With a growing concern about the future of our planet and the legacy the current generation are leaving our children; at Warmflow we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have taken significant strides to future proof our product ranges.

Being a responsible company and reducing carbon footprint is an important priority for the business and recent initiates have included heating the factory entirely using products from our Zeno renewable heating range, generating electricity for the site through the 550kW of solar panels installed and recycling water used in testing our products.

We have also introduced a range of environmentally friendly ground and air source heat pumps under the Zeno brand. The Zeno ground and air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient heat pump ranges in Europe with market leading efficiencies which have helped homeowners reduce their carbon footprint over the past decade.

In recent years we have continually increased the efficiency of our current Agentis oil (liquid fuel) range which includes the UK & Ireland’s only AA rated combi boiler which saves up to 5ltrs of fuel per week. Despite these market leading efficiencies we still need to push towards a way of heating our homes with net zero carbon emissions.

Unfortunately for many existing properties heat pumps are not suitable option so we have been working extensively with Government & industry agencies, test centres and colleges to pioneer a solution to replace existing oil and gas appliances.

Initial studies focused on a percentage blend FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) bio liquid but this failed to work reliably and provide the required carbon reductions.

For the highest level of carbon reductions, a switch to a 100% renewable fuel is required and in particular a biofuel known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). Whilst this may be relatively unknown fuel to many, it has been used throughout the world in various applications. HVO, is a renewable liquid fuel made from certified waste fats and oils and manufactured by a synthesised process with hydrogen to create a greener, cleaner fuel. The ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) confirms HVO is a sustainable fuel that is made from waste products or crops and doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

As a result of substantial and significant ground breaking research and investment, we are delighted to now announce that all Warmflow Agentis oil boilers are HVO compatible and will be able to run on the renewable fuel with some minor recommissioning. This will give an almost 90% cut in carbon emissions immediately. Our confidence in HVO as a liquid fuel for the future is so great that we have also decided to run our fleet of vans on it as well in partnership with Nicoll Fuels who also have HVO available on their Forecourt in Carryduff, Co Down.

The only current downside to the HVO fuel is that it is currently classed and taxed as a road fuel and as an industry we are in discussions with Government to see how to best introduce HVO as a home heating fuel and reduce the cost to homeowners.

For further information please visit www.warmflow.co.uk or contact us on 02892 621515/ support@warmflow.co.uk

Further information on HVO can be found at https://www.futurereadyfuel.info/ .