Warmflow products, innovation and the move towards renewables

Head of Sales, Brian Beattie, answers your questions about Warmflow products, innovation and the move towards renewables.

1. Warmflow company overview

Warmflow is a family run business which has been producing market leading, highly efficient home heating appliances for over 50 years. Our product range includes oil fired boilers, hot water cylinders and a range of renewable technologies including biomass boilers and air and ground source heat pumps.

2. What types of oil boilers do you currently manufacture?

We produce a wide range of domestic oil boilers to suit all domestic properties under our Agentis brand. Our Agentis heat only boilers are ideal for use with our hot water cylinders while our combi oil boilers are market leading in terms of efficiency and ease of installation. Our Professional range of Agentis oil boilers take this to the next level offering additional boiler enhancing components, factory fitted which will save cost as well as up to 2 hours installation time.

3. What does AA rated mean in real terms?

Being AA rated means that a customer with a Warmflow Agentis combi oil boiler can save up to 5ltrs of fuel per week compared to other market leading branded products. In the current climate, that's an attractive annual saving.

4. Are Warmflow boilers biofuel compatible?

They certainly are. All current Warmflow Agentis oil boilers are bio fuel compatible and can be run on HVO. Extensive field trials have already taken place and subject to additional commissioning, all our Warmflow Agentis oil boilers will run on HVO.

5. How are you working towards net-zero target for carbon emissions by 2050?

At Warmflow we take our corporate and social responsibility very seriously. We are running a number of initiatives including running the factory on solar power and biomass, running our fleet of vans on HVO and working towards eliminating the use of paper in the office.

For further information on Warmflow products please visit www.warmflow.co.uk or call our expert customer support team on 02892621515

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