Zeno Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

One of the most efficient and low emission appliances available on the market. Designed and built to EN303-5:2012 standards, Warmflow Zeno biomass boilers exceed the requirements of the highest efficiency and class 5 emissions. With a modulating output which maximises energy efficiency, the Zeno biomass boiler is one of the most intelligent boilers in its class.

All Warmflow Zeno biomass products are compatible with our range of specially designed twin coil heat pump cylinders.

Why Biomass

Environmentally friendly
Carbon Neutral

Wood pellets are a carbon neutral, renewable biomass energy fuel. The CO2 released when burning wood is re-absorbed by the amount of new trees that are planted.

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The Warmflow biomass boiler has been designed to run on ENplus A1 pellets only, the highest kitemark of quality in the industry. The ENplus quality certification replaces numerous national standards and certifications with one uniform system based on the EN 14961-2 standard for wood pellets.

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Well established

The use of wood pellets for domestic and commercial use has been well established in Europe for the last 25 years.

Cost effective

Wood pellet boiler equipment is cost-effective to both install and operate and has significantly lower maintenance and capital expenditure costs compared to wood chip boilers. Wood pellets are manufactured from a widely available feedstock typically resulting in less price volatility than with fossil fuels

High efficency
Market leading efficiency

EN305-5 highest efficiency and lowest emissions Class 5.

Key Features

  • Weatherproof casing with fully sealed moulded plastic top.

  • Integrated 120kg wood pellet storage hopper with low pellet warning.

  • Factory-fitted boiler anti condensing valve.

  • Unique patented automated pot cleaning blades maintain greater combustion efficiency

  • Powerful programmer with unique features to assist the installation, running and servicing

  • EN305-5, highest efficiency and lowest emissions Class 5

  • Patented door-mounted pot for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

  • Factory fitted energy efficient, circulating pump, controlled by the boiler to match heat demand.

  • Modulating output 4-18kW

  • Free standing flue option

Biomass Boiler Stats

Biomass table image
Model WS18 / WP18
Model WS18 / WP18
Output 4~18kW; Modulating
Flue Options Black powder coated conventional flue system
Conventional flue size (mm) 100
EN303-5 Efficiency class Class 5
Height (mm) 1135
Depth (mm) 1170
Width (mm) 650
Service access Front, Top & Sides
Circulating pump Factory-fitted UPM 25-75

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